The Stars at Noon

By Emily Engeman

"I really would have liked to be the first woman in space... anyone who's spent as much time in the air as I have is bound to yearn to go a little bit farther..."

In this world premiere production, The Stars at Noon takes audiences back in time, to the Space Race, and tells the incredible true story of thirteen women pilots who gave everything for the dream of Spaceflight.

The Mercury 13 were a group of female pilots who passed the same series of astronaut tests as the Mercury 7, America's first astronauts. They were intelligent, experienced, passionate. They had all the "right stuff", but were the wrong sex.

Jerrie Cobb, Jackie Cochran and Eileen Collins - the women who were there - tell you what really happened, in a musical celebration of women who dared to reach for the stars.  

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Creative team

Musical Director and Accompanist is Anthony Cutrupi
Script Development assisted by
Beth Daly and Nicholas Christo.


Emily Engeman

Dates & Times

Saturday October 12 @ 9pm
Thursday October 24 @ 845pm

Ticket Details

Tickets are $30 for adults and $25 for Pensioners, full-time students or children.

Combo Ticket Option: October 12 @ 6:55pm Bondi Legal followed by The Stars at Noon @9pm.

October 24 @ 6:55pm Austen Tayshus followed by The Stars at Noon @ 845pm.
$44 and $39 concession.