The Gumnut Girls Are Moving In

By Christine Greenough, Jill Webster and Allan Walpole.

World Premiere : Florence and Millicent Watt are sisters. They are moving into Gumnut Cottage at 20A Gumnut Lane. 

They are chalk and cheese. Florence (the elder) is very neat and tidy “a place for everything and everything in its place”, whereas Millicent (the younger), is a fun loving dreamer who forgets where she put things and is so very untidy.

Florence is trying to find the kettle to make herself a cup of tea. Millicent was supposed to bring it but has forgotten which box she put it in.

How are they going to get along?  Well maybe some songs and a story or two might save the day …………and the kettle.

Come along and join us for 45 minutes of fun and laughter.  CLICK HERE for a taste of the show.

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Creative team

Directed by Allan Walpole


Starring Christine Greenough and Jill Webster.

Dates & Times

Tuesday October 8 @ 11am
Wednesday October 9 @ 11am
Thursday October 10 @ 11am
Friday October 11 @ 11am
Saturday October 12 @ 11am and 1245pm

Ticket Details

Tickets $22 for everone aged over 2 who needs their own seat.
Group discounts for ten or more $16.50.
Family of Four $80.
Family of Five $95.