Music Island : A Silent Spell

Return Season of this captivating story about the power of music.

The all-singing, all-dancing inhabitants of Musical Island are forced to contend with this reality, as the tragically misunderstood Queen of Silence hatches a plan to prevent the lyrical larrikin Prince Major from writing any more of his meddling merry melodies!

It falls to Princess Minor and her ragtag rabble of musical mates, Flatty, Sharpy, the bandits and gypsies to rescue Prince Major, and save the Musical Island from a sinister silence.

This show has a combination of live acting performance and stunning animation. The audience has a chance to enjoy various styles of music including folk, pop, dance, jazz, and more in the one show, performed by our multi-talented cast.

This story is about all of us, and the profound and sometimes hidden power of the music in our lives. With fun, original characters and catchy original songs, this musical fable is a chance to to reconnect to the rhythms of our hearts, and muse on our minds' inner-most melodies.

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Creative team

Written and Produced by Natalie Mitzikis
Music by Natalie Mitzikis
Acting & Voice Director- Dmitri Pronin

Creative support team:
Robert Teicher
Lachlan McIntyre
Peter Truong
Elena Petrova
Eevone Leu
Emily Haydon
Anya Hurwood
Luna Pan
Natalia Zabegailo


Lachlan McIntyre
Alisa Rassadina
Vasilisa Grebneva
Cole Burgess
Sofia Simonian
Jico Avedillo
Maxim Perera
David Semery
Annie Shih
Vitalia Mitzikis
Alina Ablamskaya

Dates & Times

Saturday October 19 @ 11am and 2pm
Saturday October 26 @ 12:00

Ticket Details

Tickets are $22 for adults $18 for children or pensioners.