Austen Tayshus : Never Again

By Sandy Gutman

Legendary Australian comedian Austen Tayshus has reached the age of retirement and is preparing to hang up the microphone for good and return to his day job as a Dentist.

Lately he has been relying on a team of Chinese joke writers who have been phoning in his gags through an ear piece, but US trade sanctions are making this increasingly problematic.

As part of his farewell tour there will be the obligatory recital of Australiana, first performed by Austen Tayshus in 1983. Australiana is still the best-selling Australian single ever.

Sandy Gutman is a well known eastern suburbs resident and has promised to respect local sensitivities during his farewell performance.

He especially promises that there will be no jokes about the local Suth Efrican community.

MA 15 + Contains swearing.




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Creative team

Presented in association with the Bondi Theatre Company and Ruth Fingret.


Sandy Gutman

Dates & Times

Saturday October 5 @ 830pm
Sunday October 13 @ 7:00pm
Thursday October 24 @ 7:00 pm

Ticket Details

Duration 90 minutes.

Tickets are $35 for adults and $30 for Pensioners, Students and Children.

Combo tickets are available for Austen Tayshus and the cabaret on the same day of his performance for $49 and $44.

Combo Saturday October 5 commencing @ 655pm Disenchanted followed by Austen Tayshus.

Combo Sunday October 13 @ 3:55pm Bondi Legal followed by Austen Tayshus at 7pm

Combo Thursday October 24 @ 6:55 pm Austen Tayshus followed by Stars at Noon @ 845pm