A View from the Closet

By Mackinnley Bowden

A View from the Closet follows the wholly unholy tale of self-professed superstar Mackinnley Bowden. Through in depth (and completely uninformed) analysis of queer icons both past and present, this evening of music and laughter will disect exactly how Mackinnley got to be the way that they are. From George Michael to La Cage aux Follies, come find out who is to blame for the monster of a (hu)man that is Mackinnley Bowden. 

After graduating from the New York Film Academy’s Musical Theatre Conservatory, Mackinnley spread their fairy dust throughout the USA in several productions. After failing to accomplish their mission of Making America Gay Again, they moved back to Sydney to continue their path of destruction and inevitable world domination. Join Mackinnley on their journey to the past through the few good years and the many, many, many bad ones. Good music, brutally honest stories, and an evening of self-discovery- what could possibly go wrong?

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Creative team

Written by Mackinnley Bowden
Music Director from James Court.
Dramaturgy by Edan McGovern.


Mackinnley Bowden

Dates & Times

Friday October 25 @ 9pm

Ticket Details

Tickets are $30 or $25 for Pensioners, Full-Time Students or Pensioners.

Combo Ticket Options @ 6:55pm for Bondi Legal followed by A View from the Closet @9pm for $44 and $39 concession.