Atomic Bombshells

Atomic Bombshells is a collection of burlesque, circus and performance art that explores the decay of glamour in a post-apocalyptic world.

Armageddon is here! In the middle of their yearly fundraising show, a group of bejewelled showgirls get a rude shock at intermission. Nuclear war! Crawling out of the rubble, a new and horrifying assortment of circus freaks, mutants and trash queens perform their own NEW idea of glamour.

The show is made up of two halves – before the bomb and after the bomb. Both halves are made up of individual spots by performers, interspersed by film/projection elements of created archival footage/news documentary.  

These performance spots take different forms. From drop-dead showgirls doing burlesque routines to a cockroach lamenting its loneliness in a nuclear wasteland – there’s something for everyone!

The show aims to be a comment on the way we see glamour as a false aspirational ideal, and the need/desire to explore glamour in a world made of cinders and ash.

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Creative team


Etcetera Etcetera
Ketrina Fiend
Rosie Rivette
Lou P Scarlett
Marlena Dali
Brendan De La Hay
Vallarie Van Gogh
Bella Louche

Dates & Times

Thursday October 18 at 8pm.
Saturday October 20 at 9pm.

Ticket Details

Thursday October 18 @ 8pm $30 and $25 concession.
Saturday October 20 @ 9pm $37.50 and $32.50 concession.

Combo ticket Saturday October 20 Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert @ 7pm (Duration 90minues) followed by Atomic Bombshells at 9pm for $69 Adult and $64 concession.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors: Steven Zoellner Laing & Simmons Double Bay and Bondi Beach.

This season is dedicated to the memory of Ellis Reuben.